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List of Uttoxeter Canal pages, with the most recently updated shown first.

Denstone to Uttoxeter

Text from Uttoxeter Canal Restoration Outline Feasibility Study

The main challenge in this area is to find a route for the canal that enhances rather than reduces flood management capacity in the valley. Once the canal reaches Denstone, the original alignment has been almost entirely lost. A number of options were identified and assessed in general terms as part of the Feasibility Study.

For details of each option follow the link relevant at the foot of the page.

Alton to Denstone

Text from Uttoxeter Canal Restoration Outline Feasibility Study

This is undoubtedly the easiest section of the canal to restore. Once a route has been found through Alton Station which accommodates any future restoration of the railway, the canal is mostly still there with some of it in water. Volunteers should be able to tackle all but the most substantial restoration tasks in this area.

Froghall to Oakamoor

Text from Uttoxeter Canal Restoration Outline Feasibility Study

In this area there are three main issues: getting through the Froghall area; realigning the canal where it is close to the Churnet Valley Railway; and finding a new route through Oakamoor village. The very remote nature of the valley presents a challenge if materials and labour are to be brought in and out, but the railway may be the solution for this rather than building new access routes.

Uttoxeter Canal Guide

The Uttoxeter Canal may conveniently be split into four sections with distinct characteristics. These are summarised here with comments from the Restoration Study in the linked page describing the route and main restoration issues in each section.

Restoration Outline Feasibility Study

The Trust took delivery of the “Uttoxeter Canal Restoration Outline Feasibility Study” in 2009. The study had been commissioned by Staffordshire County Council and the Trust to: “determine whether the restoration of the Uttoxeter Canal between the Caldon Canal at Froghall to the north and Uttoxeter Gravel Pits to the south is a feasible project.”

As the full document is over 70 pages it has been split into sections for ease of reading. Please follow the links below to download and read each section. All files are in PDF format.

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