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List of Uttoxeter Canal pages, with the most recently updated shown first.

Milepost 30

The final milepost on the Uttoxeter Canal has been situated a short distance from the original terminus, on an island in Park Place. The warehouse and canal manager's house at the wharf survived until they were demolished to make way for a new housing development in 2005.

This area still shows on maps as "The Wharf" more than 170 years after the canal was closed.

Milepost 29

This milepost is another which has been slightly relocated as the line of the canal, which whilst visible is not publicly accessible in the exact location of the original.

Milepost 28

Milepost 28 is located in an area where the original canal line can no longer be seen. It would originally have been sited in the field to the north around 100m from the new position, just off Creighton Lane. The line of the canal can distinctly be seen in aerial photographs and from indentations in the ground.

Milepost 27

This milepost has been relocated from the site of the original to put it on a public footpath, form where the original location may be established. The original line of the canal in this area was lost when the railway line opened and when this in turn closed the land was returned to farming.

Milepost 26

This replacement milepost was cast as part of the second milepost replacement project and was sponsored and installed by JCB, on whose land it is situated. The post is situated in approximately the original location, near to what is now the second tee of the JCB golf course.

Please note that this location is only open to visitors at specific times by permission of JCB. Due to the location on a golf course it should not be visited by members of the public at any other time.

Milepost 25

Like milepost 24, the original milepost still exists, having been removed from its location within the JCB site when the factory was being built. It can now be seen on one corner of the bowling green in Denstone.

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