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Destination Froghall

Destination Froghall was a partnership between British Waterways (now Canal & River Trust) and the Caldon Canal Society (now Caldon & Uttoxeter Canals Trust.) The aim of the project was to open the first lock and basin of the Uttoxeter Canal as a means to

  • Create a visitor destination and unlock tourism potential
  • Restore lock, basin and a heritage building
  • Improve facilities, moorings and access for all
  • Enhance the environment
  • Increase visitor numbers
  • Encourage longer stays
  • Increase visitor spend
  • Create jobs in tourism sector

The anticipated benefits from the project tied in with local tourism strategies to encourage longer stays in the area and thus increase the money spent by visitors in N. Staffordshire.

The restored lock gives access to the basin which provides overnight moorings. New paths and footbridges provide “access for all” around the basin and along the towpath back toward Froghall Tunnel, enabling many more people to explore the canal environment and enjoy the watching the natural world from seats integrated along-side the pathways.


The original funding mix for the project was as follows.

SRB 5 (2003 - 2005): £97500
ERDF: £312500
British Waterways: £170000
Volunteer contribution: £45000

TOTAL: £625000

The volunteer contribution was a huge amount of labour – by local Trust members, along with Waterway Recovery Group and Inland Waterways Association volunteers, along with additional fund-raising we pursued from other restoration charity sources.

British Waterways managed the use of the other funds to enable contractors to progress the major engineering works needed to rebuild parts of the basin and for craftsmen to restoration the original stonework.