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Restoration Outline Feasibility Study

The Trust took delivery of the “Uttoxeter Canal Restoration Outline Feasibility Study” in 2009. The study had been commissioned by Staffordshire County Council and the Trust to: “determine whether the restoration of the Uttoxeter Canal between the Caldon Canal at Froghall to the north and Uttoxeter Gravel Pits to the south is a feasible project.”

As the full document is over 70 pages it has been split into sections for ease of reading. Please follow the links below to download and read each section. All files are in PDF format.

Part 1 (32k)
Cover & Contents

Part 2 (27k)
1 Executive Summary

Part 3 (34k)
2 Introduction
2.1 Study background
2.2 Study aims
2.3 Limits of study

Part 4 (4473k)
3 Engineering Assessment
3.1 Background
3.2 Water management
3.3 Route description – Froghall to Denstone
3.4 Route constraints – Froghall to Denstone
3.5 Route options – Denstone to Uttoxeter

Part 5 (719k)
3.5 Route options – Denstone to Uttoxeter (map)

Part 6 (1841k)
3.5 Route options – Denstone to Uttoxeter (description)
3.6 Services
3.7 Costs

Part 7 (400k)
3.7 Costs (tables)
3.8 Phasing

Part 8 (76k)
4 Ecological Assessment
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Protected Sites
4.3 Flora and Fauna
4.4 Water Quality
4.5 Cultural Heritage
4.6 Human Beings
4.7 Traffic and Transport
4.8 Contaminated Land
4.9 Key Opportunities and Constraints
4.10 Recommendations

Part 9 (1971k)
5 Socio-Economic Benefits
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Context Area and Key Drivers
5.3 Opportunities and Economic Benefits
5.4 Deliverability
5.5 Early Conclusions and Recommendations

Part 10 (31k)
6 Risks

Part 11 (34k)
7 Summary

Part 12 (50k)
8 Recommendations
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Short term
8.3 Medium term
8.4 Long term

Part 13 (2256k)
Appendix A – Layout Plan

Part 14 (65k)
Appendix B – Risk Register

© 2009. Copyright is vested jointly with Staffordshire County Council and Caldon & Uttoxeter Canals Trust. No part of these documents may be reproduced in any form without prior written permission from the Trust.

The Trust welcomes your feedback, comments and ideas about this project. Please contact the Trust using this link.