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Victoria Mill

This article has been provided to the Trust by the Endon & District Heritage & Environment Project following an excavation at the Victoria Mill site in 2007. It was originally published in the Endon Journal

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Caldon Canal

The Caldon Canal was built between Etruria and Froghall in 1776 at a cost of £23,560 and was intended to carry limestone from the quarries at Cauldon Low to Stoke-on-Trent. A tramway, included in the cost, was built from the quarries to the canal.

In 1801 a branch was constructed to Leek and the canal extended from Froghall to Uttoxeter. At the same time Rudyard Lake was constructed.


The following questions are frequently asked by visitors to the Caldon Canal or this website:

How long will it take to travel the canal?

It is (just about) possible to travel the main line from Etruria to Froghall in a day but that would miss the point of the Caldon. Slow down, stop and enjoy the amazing views and scenery. We would suggest allowing three or four days for a visit. Make sure that you travel to both Leek and Froghall (they are very different waterways!)

Will I fit through Froghall tunnel?

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