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Uttoxeter Canal work party - January 2020

Dear all

Our next volunteer work party on the Uttoxeter Canal will be at Crumpwood on Thursday of this week, 10th January. We plan to build a bonfire near to Carrington's Lock where we can dispose of vegetation cut back during a previous work party, as well as whatever else we get to on the day. This shouldn't be too strenuous a task, so is a good way to get going again after our Christmas break. For those who have not been there yet, it will be a first chance to see the completed fish pass at nearby Crumpwood Weir.

Uttoxeter Canal work party

Dear all

I've been in contact with our usual attendees but in case anyone else was thinking of coming along, there will not be a work party at Crumpwood today, due to the very poor weather. The next date and final work party of the year will be on 12th December. I'll email everyone again nearer the time about this, and also with a report on the very successful WRG Reunion weekend which was recently held on the Uttoxeter Canal at Alton.

Best regards,

Uttoxeter Canal October update

Dear all

In my email last month I mentioned the fish pass project at Crumpwood Weir, which was completed a few weeks ago. We have since visited the site and the picture below shows not only the completed project but also of course a very short section of the Uttoxeter Canal back in water for the first time in many years.

Uttoxeter Canal - change of plan for tomorrow

Dear all

We have a late change of plan for tomorrow's volunteer activity. Unfortunately I am unable to attend tomorrow as I am supporting a work client with a critical issue which I cannot delegate to anyone else. I'm hugely grateful to Rupert who has agreed at no notice to lead our group instead. Related to this, the order of tasks for September and October has been reversed and the group will instead be meeting at Alton. We will return to Bridge 70 in October for the task described in last night's message.

Uttoxeter Canal June update

Dear all

I'll start with some important, if disappointing news. Unfortunately the June work party is cancelled as we do not have a work party leader available. Apologies to our regular volunteers and anyone else who was thinking of attending this month. I'm afraid that work commitments mean that I am not available and on this occasion have not able to arrange cover. We were hoping to continue the work around Bridge 70, where we have made good progress at recent work parties with clearing vegetation on the offside of the canal.

Uttoxeter Canal May work party

Dear all

A short note from me regarding tomorrow's work party. Unfortunately I am unable to be present but Rupert has agreed to lead the group, and will meet you all on site at 10am. Can I ask those who are planning to attend to reply to this message and I will advise Rupert of expected attendees.

The task this month will be to complete the offside vegetation clearance at Bridge 70 and hopefully to continue towpath side clearance between the bridge and Carrington's Lock. We have been working in this area for a couple of months now and it is already looking much better.